Terms of usage

It is up to your choice how long you use the PAGETI terminals. You may insert 20 € cent, 50 € cent, 1€, 2 € or 1, 2 or 5 Swiss Franks.

While using the PAGETI terminal you will see a bar in the lower section of the screen. During your session, the bar will diminish. If the bar disappears, your credit is used up. You will be noticed of that shortly before this happens. To continue surfing you may insert further coins at any time.

We have set-up a fast internet connection, with which we are able to supply you a fast DSL or ISDN connection. Thus, you will not loose any time and can start to surf, play or send or receive emails immediately.

If you are using the email-function provided with the PAGETI terminal please advise the recipient, that he can not answer to your mail directly.

We advise you to create an email account with one of the following providers. These free email accounts are set-up within seconds:

Possible providers, for example:

Note on the risks:

Transmission of Data via the internet inhibits risks, which can not be eliminated completely. The transmission of confidential info, as well as the input of passwords may lead to an abuse through third parties.

Note on liability:

The provider is liable for deliberately or careless damages according to the law. Further liability is excluded, as long as principal contract contents haven't been violated. This limitation does not concern damages done to body, live or sanity.

Limitation of liability:

Liability resulting from careless damage is limited to predictable amounts according to the principal contents of the contract. Any further liability is excluded.

We have to point out to you, that we will hold you liable for any wanton damage done to hard- or software and that we will undertake the necessary steps to persecute the offender.

Completeness clause:

Because of the protection of children and young people, it is not possible that all Internet sites can be shown correctly.

In rare cases, the blocking can take place from Internet sites, whose contents have no right-hurting contents.

We wish you a good start in the internet!